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Gateway 6GB MP3 Photo Jukebox

Gateway has announced that it will offer the Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox with a 6GB hard drive. Capacity isn’t the only thing that’s getting an upgrade, though. The new player will also offer longer battery life than the 4GB version, and it will have a stylish two-tone silver and black body. We liked the original, especially its excellent sound quality, its user-replaceable battery, and its compatibility with Napster To Go; the new model will be no different in those respects. And users will still be able to connect the device directly to a USB Mass Storage-compatible digital camera or card reader for transferring photos. The 6GB Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox comes with an AC adapter, a soft carrying bag, a camera connection cable, and earbuds; it will be available for $ 249.99 (direct), and replacement batteries will sell for $ 19.99.

The Gateway(TM) MP3 Photo Jukebox, which combines digital music playback,
convenient photo storage and a color display in one 3.4 ounce device, will now
be offered with 50 percent more storage capacity, longer battery life and a
striking new color scheme. It will be available directly from Gateway and at
leading electronics retailers for just $ 249.99.

"Gateway’s digital music player was already a standout for its versatility,"
said Dan Stevenson, vice president, product marketing. "The new
version of the Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox provides even more storage and enhanced
features in the same light design. Our new player combines one of the most
straightforward user interfaces with seamless PC music synchronization and
compatibility with a broad range of music services. It is simply the perfect
traveling companion for music lovers."

The newest model, the GCM-6, provides 6GB(1) of storage for housing up to
1,500 MP3 songs(2), putting a vast library of music favorites always within
reach. Sleek enough to fit within a pocket or purse, the Gateway MP3 Photo
Jukebox is about the size of a deck of cards and weighs just 3.4 ounces. Its
stylish new look includes an attractive two-tone silver and black design. Unlike
some other popular MP3 players on the market, the Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox
comes with a replaceable and rechargeable battery, which is a significant
advantage, since even rechargeable batteries are perishable. The replaceable
battery provides eight to ten hours of continuous music playback on a single

Simple Design — Easy to Use
The Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox’s design makes it easy to use. Its large color
screen displays photos, playlists and track information in crystal
clarity. The scroll makes navigation quick and the accessing and managing of
content simple.

Stores Up to 2,000 Digital Photos
As an added bonus, the Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox can store up to 2,000 digital
photos, a handy feature for vacation travelers who require back-up storage to
their primary camera. It can display digital photos one by one or in a slideshow
format, which is enhanced by the color screen. The transferring of photos to the
MP3 Photo Jukebox is simple as connecting the included USB 2.0 cable between the
jukebox and digital camera and following the user prompts. Unlike other players
on the market, it can grab photos off cameras or flash cards without add-on
interface cards.

Napster To Go — Unlimited Access to Over a Million Songs
The Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox comes ready to download music content directly
from a variety of industry standard sources including Napster To Go which
provides unlimited access to more than a million songs for a modest monthly fee
of just $ 14.95. With purchase, Gateway customers that are new Napster members
will get the first three months of Napster to Go free.(4) While Gateway
customers can chose to listen to songs ripped from their CDs or purchased per
track online, they can also use Napster To Go to fill their MP3 Photo Jukebox
with the songs they want — a real value for those who prefer to sample new
artists before purchasing individual tracks or albums.

Small Size; Big Sound
The device measures only 3.8in x 2.3in x 0.7in (L x W x D), yet it’s big in
sound. The Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox delivers rich sound in clear, crisp
high-fidelity. Music can be browsed by album, artist, genre, track or playlist,
while 20 different equalizer settings and various modes such as shuffle and
repeat enable users to tailor the music mix to suit their own personal

The Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox includes Windows Media Player 10, which
provides more music and more choices to Gateway customers, such as built-in
access to a broad range of digital music services. Windows Media Player 10
provides an Auto Sync feature that automatically synchronizes customer’s digital
music collections and photos from a PC to their new Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox.

Convenient Accessories Maximize Listening Pleasure
The Gateway Photo Jukebox works with a wide range of portable music accessories
including standard FM transmitters such as the Belkin Tunecast II Mobile FM
Transmitter, so enthusiasts can enjoy their personal music library through any
FM stereo receiver whether it’s in the car, via their PC or home stereo.
Suggested retail pricing is only $ 39.99.

The Gateway Belt/Armband Clip keeps the MP3 Photo Jukebox secure while users
are on the go. Built of lightweight, textured plastic for a more secure fit
around the waist or arm, it features a durable armband that can be easily
adjusted to fit most users. Suggested retail pricing is only $ 19.99. A removable
and rechargeable Gateway replacement battery allows the user to determine how
many continuous hours of playtime are needed. Suggested retail pricing is only
$ 19.99.

Pricing and Availability
The Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox comes with an AC Adapter, soft cover bag, camera
connection cable and ear bud headphones for the low price of just $ 249.99. It
will be available directly from Gateway and at leading electronics retailers.

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