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Gaming with a punch: MSI GX620 Review

Raw Power

In terms of benchmarks and gaming performance, the MSI GX620 did well. All tests were done on the pre-installed Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

We first ran Futuremark’s PCMark05 and got a score of 6,531, which is not bad at all for laptops of its class.

Next, we ran Futuremark’s 3DMark06 and got a score of 5,291, which is also not bad too. This score would be considerably higher than some other gaming laptops that use the same NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics chip, but pair it with slower GDDR2 memory. The memory type used on the MSI GX620 is the faster GDDR3 ones.

To test something that’s more to real-world application, we used the Devil May Cry 4 benchmark tool. While leaving all quality settings to the default, and screen resolution to the native 1680 x 1050, we got results of 30.01fps, 21.55fps, 34.22fps and 20.15fps for Game 1 to Game 4 respectively. When we switched quality settings to Low, we got a nice boost to 52.98fps, 44.33fps, 52.72fps, 58.07fps. Most of today’s games would run fine on this GX620 machine. If ‘the going gets tough’, perhaps you would want to go slightly easy on the quality settings.

In the storage department, a quick HDTach run returned a 49.8MB read average for the Western Digital 320GB hard disk. CPU utilization peaked at 13%, while access time was rated at 17.1ms. Nothing special here, just to confirm that the storage sub-system is working perfectly fine.



As you can see from the image above, the underside of the GX620 is somewhat well-ventilated.

Being the slightly crazy nut I am, I threw both Linpack and Furmark at the machine. I actually wonder if many laptops can survive that under tropical conditions. I mean your typical full load won’t quite reach the temperatures here. It was ensured that the machine didn’t throttle and below are the highest temperatures registered:

Surprisingly, the machine didn’t kick up a ruckus with that kind of loads thrown at it. Yes, the fan was audible, but it wasn’t intrusive. Turn up the speakers and you wouldn’t be able to hear the laptop fan. All in all, I would say the cooling system of the GX620 is effective in keeping temperatures in check.



Battery Life

In an attempt to simulate real-world usage, we sat down and used the laptop in three different ways. The first is to surf the internet, MSN chat… basically the light stuff with WiFi on. We managed to squeeze nearly 4 hours out of the battery before we needed to re-charge.

The second was to watch a DVD video, while connected to the Internet still of course. This time, we drained the battery in slightly below 3 hours.

The last was to run a benchmark while on battery. The GX620 had to be recharged in about slightly over an hour and a half.

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