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Gaming with a punch: MSI GX620 Review

Upon opening the lid of the GX620, a 15.4-inch matte screen greets us. Yes, a matte screen. It’s really rare to find one on entertainment-based laptops nowadays.

Above the LCD screen sits a 2.0-megapixel webcam. If you looked closer, you would realise that the LCD bezel has rubber stoppers placed all around it to prevent contact and abrasion marks between the palmrest and the bezel itself.

The brushed aluminium surface on the outer lid extends to the palmrest area too. A keyboard with a numeric keypad area is fitted on the GX620, although I must say that it is a little bit of a squeeze for the width of a 15.4-inch based laptop.

With the emphasis of the GX620 being a gaming laptop, MSI has added some color to the four most commonly used keys for games (especially first-person shooters) – W, S, A, D.


We see a little squeeze over here with a shrunk right Shift key, smaller directional keys, and horrors of horrors – half-sized full stop and question mark keys. You’ll definitely be hitting on the wrong one when you first use this laptop.


The touchpad is smooth and responsive, and was a joy to use. Even though the left- and right-click buttons are ‘integrated’ into the palmrest, they were responsive and were not too stiff, giving a natural feel.


An indication strip houses blue LEDs to notify the user what functions are activated, such as Bluetooth, webcam… The power button is located on the right end.


To the left of the notification LEDs, there are Eco/Turbo buttons which are part of MSI’s power management system. The Eco button gives you five modes for various purposes – gaming, movie, presentation, office and turbo battery (maximum power savings), while the Turbo button will give a nice overclock to your processor. In this laptop’s case, the 2.53GHz processor was automatically overclocked to about 3GHz. The graphics card was not overclocked.


The left side of the laptop houses the optical drive (oops no Blu Ray here), USB and the audio jacks.


The right side houses the multimedia card reader, ExpressCard slot, USB and eSATA ports, and a large airvent to exhaust all the heat out of the machine.


The bottom right edge houses the wireless LED, battery charge LED (warning when the battery is running flat soon), and a power/sleep LED.


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