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Gaming Dollars & Sense

The Inno3D 7900GTX is based on the 7900GTX flagship GPU from
NVIDIA. It features 512MB of very fast 1.1ns GDDR3 Memory.

For the performance it churns out, it is really reasonably
priced and a good choice for a Premium Gamer’s setup. USD$ 525 (SGD$ 865)
it is!

Instead of using the onboard audio that comes free with the
motherboard, for a truly immersive gaming experience, we picked Creative’s SoundBlaster
X-Fi Fatality FPS.

You can try to see if this gets you fragging as well as Fatal!ty…
but while you’re at it, please cough out USD$ 252 (SGD$ 412)
for this high-end sound/music card.

For ultra fast access time, the Western Digital 10,000 rpm
WD740GD Serial ATA hard drives are a hot favourite among the gamers.

This 74GB Hard Drive is touted to load games significantly
faster by many gamers and comes at a rather pricey USD$ 185 (SGD$ 305).

For a beefy but not overkill power supply to go along with
the Premium Gamer’s setup, we picked the Silverstone Zeus ST56ZF Power supply.

It provides a very high specification of 38Amps on the single
+12v rail and comes with dual PCIE power connectors, making upgrade to dual
Video card (SLI/Crossfire) solutions an easy convenience. You can check out
our review of the unit here. You can find one going for USD$ 138 (SGD$ 228) in the retail market.

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