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Gaming Dollars & Sense

We picked a rather popular Premium Gaming set-up for the comparision.
The setup is as follows:

The AMD Athlon 64 FX60 is the current flagship processor from
micro-processor maker AMD.

It features embedded dual core technology and each core runs
at a clock speed of 2.6GHz. Currently, it is widely recognized as the top CPU
for gaming. Tuxedo price tag to match the performance as well… this will set
you back USD$ 1080 (SGD$ 1780).

The ASUS A8N32 SLI Deluxe is a great performing Socket 939
motherboard to pair up with the AMD FX60.

It is based on NVIDIA’s nForce 4 chipset, 2 of them in fact,
which features dual x16 PCI Express capability and offers one of the best performance
for the Socket 939 platform. You can check out our review of the motherboard
right here. You can probably find
this board priced in the USD$ 180 (SGD$ 300) region. Quite a
fair bit below the typical “Premium” price cat.

2 GB of system memory is definitely the choice for those who
crave for maximum performance. We picked the GSkill 2 x 1GB HZ DDR Memory which
comes with a rated speed of DDR 500MHz. This pair of Memory belongs to the Premium

You can check out our review of this pair of Memory right here.
Depending on where you shop, be prepared to fork out USD$ 260 (SGD$ 430)
for a pair of these.

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