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PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One
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Analyst predicts PS4 will continue to lead over Xbox One if it stays the cheaper option

Renown industry analyst Michael Pachter predicts that Sony’s PlayStation 4 will continue to dominate the market as long as it’s the cheaper choice.


In the most recent episode of Game Trailer‘s Bonus Round show, Michael Pachter–a leading industry analyst for Wedbush Securities–has made yet another one of his sage predictions in the gaming world. According to Pachter, it doesn’t matter to consumers which console does what; the victor of the console next-gen console arena will be the one that costs less.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console has since stolen the lead of the next-gen market in terms of cumulative sales, selling a record-breaking 2.1 million consoles across Europe and North America in its first two weeks of availability.

Over the holidays that number has grown, but Microsoft’s Xbox One actually one-upped the PS4 by selling more units in December. The Japanese console-maker continues to hold the crown in terms of global sales, with the Xbox One trailing behind.

Pachter attributes Microsoft’s lower sales to the Xbox One’s $499 price tag, and delivers a portent that reflects the current trends of the market.

“They’ve won as long as they have a $100 price advantage,” Pachter affirms Sony’s current stance as far as hardware sales. “Microsoft will not turn that around. It’s not possible.”

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The Xbox One’s $100 premium is in no small part due to the advanced Kinect 2.0 sensor bundled with every console, but this device–along with a host of exclusive console features like Snap Mode, entertainment options and upcoming content–may not be enough to win over the general consumer base.

Pachter also gave an interesting forecast regarding current-gen game support. He predicts that the publishers will threaten manufacturers–that is Sony and Microsoft–not to port games onto current-gen consoles in order to get a price cut on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Pachter guesses this price cut might come as soon as February–but of course there’s no official evidence, this is just his forecast.

Interestingly enough, back in December of last year another analyst firm by the name of DFC Intelligence echoed Pachter’s claims, as they saw Sony as the clear victor against Microsoft’s Xbox One.


Although both consoles have been released, the war is far from over: both sides will continue to exchange blows for the control of the market and interest of gamers worldwide.

Sony is readying a salvo with its cross-platform PlayStation Now service, which brings classic games from PS3 (and beyond) across an ecosystem of consoles, tablets, smartphones, handhelds and even Smart TVs. Microsoft has its extensive cloud-based structure, Xbox LIVE Compute, which plans to provide a bevy of additional features for Xbox One consoles including possible graphical enhancements.

Time will prove Pachter’s clairvoyance, but for now both sides continue to gain momentum as plans–and a smattering of upcoming games–are put into motion.

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