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GameStop to discontinue sales of 8GB Wii U from June 18th

As we reported earlier this week, Nintendo have decided to add a new colour to their Wii U family. This is expected based on consumer demand and the way Nintendo tends to release their consoles, however, Polygon is reporting that US retailer, GameStop may discontinue the Wii U Basic model by the end of this month.

With the new Premium console and Nintendo’s glacial push into online distribution, the classic 8GB Wii U model could be rendered completely obsolete in months to come. Retailer GameStop has notified it’s employees that the Wii U Basic Set hardware will be recalled on June 18th. At the moment, GameStop are the only retailer doing this and many are unsure what is actually happening. Polygon asked Nintendo to comment on the situation and were told that they “do not comment on [their] business practices with retailers.”

While some could see this as a way to push their upcoming Black Premium console for the end of the financial year, it could be a problem for those hoping to purchase a cheaper console but unable to afford so. Nintendo have definitely had a mixed fiscal year with some reporting a weak launch of their next-gen console and mixed reviews from gaming outlets. Regardless, their Nintendo Direct conference during E3 could definitely bring a whole new set of fans over, especially if they announce a new Super Smash Bros title or new exclusives.

GamesIndustry.Biz has heard a response from Nintendo UK stating, “definitely not something that’s happening in the UK.”  This could mean it is a Nintendo of America decision rather than from their Japanese HQ

via Polygon

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