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GameStop is currently sold out of PS4 pre-orders

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Due to the extremely high demand for Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4 console, GameStop has currently run out of pre-orders for the system itself.

The info is gleaned from a banner on GameStop’s PS4 category on the official website, stating that Sony’s PS4 console is “currently sold out”, and the retailer has launched a First-to-Know sign-up list that’s designed to contact gamers when more consoles are available.

Additionally it appears that you have to be a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member in order to register on the list itself:

The FIRST TO KNOW LIST is for PowerUp Rewards members only.

PowerUp Rewards members can go to their local store and ask a sales associate to be put on the FIRST TO KNOW LIST and will receive a printed receipt as confirmation. Additionally, PowerUp Rewards members can visit GameStop.com/PS4 to add themselves to the FIRST TO KNOW List.

If you are not a PowerUp Rewards member, it’s easy and free to sign up at your local store. Go to Find a Store to locate a store near you.”

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It’s interesting to see this scenario occur as GameStop had predicted such an event months ago, where the demand would outsell the supply of PS4 consoles–which has now become a reality.

Sony has also recently told GameStop to “take unlimited PS4 pre-orders“–which the retailer most likely took to heart with selling out its current stock.

Hopefully GameStop will refill its stock soon, as millions of gamers worldwide are clamoring for their own PS4 console and many have yet to secure their pre-orders–but it comes to no surprise that the system is receiving such widespread acclaim due to its impressive specs, lower price factor, and dazzling array of launch titles.

It will be interesting to see just how many pre-orders have been purchased for Sony’s next-gen contender as a whole, and even moreso how Microsoft’s numbers fare against the Japanese gaming giant’s pre-order sales.

It is a bit irksome that GameStop requires users to be a part of their PowerUp Rewards program in order to take advantage of the First to Know list, which may deter some gamers to secure their console from another retailer such asAmazon–however GameStop does reveal that the membership is free and its easy to sign up for.

Via GameStop, IGN

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