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Gamers call in bomb threat to win at Halo

A New Jersey man had his door busted open by SWAT after a hoax 911 call reported he had a bomb and hostages in his house. Police are now investigating whether the hoax was made by competing players on Xbox.


Multiplayer matches of Halo have a bad reputation of being a haven for trash-talking fourteen year old kids who are way too familiar with the n-word, but a recent prank involving a gamer from New Jersey may put them all to shame. Police are currently searching for a person who made a fake 911 call to report a bomb and several hostages at a home in Kelinworth, Union City, New Jersey.

The caller was apparently familiar with the layout of the home, and made the call using an application similar to Skype, all the while disguising his voice. Police evacuated the neighborhood and a SWAT team barged into the house only to find the resident, one Travis Graves, playing Halo on his Xbox. Police conducted a three hour search of the home and found nothing; no hostages, and no bomb.

This was a really awful prank,” Graves told NBC 4 New York. “Whoever did this, I hope they find him.” Graves says he doesn’t know who made the call, but since he was playing Halo against other people at the time, police are investigating the other players for connections to the hoax.


“Say, I wonder who that is knocking at my door?”

Kelinworth police chief John Zimmerman is estimating the emergency response call to cost the community in the thousands of dollars. “It’s a huge strain on manpower and overtime for everybody,” he added.


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