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Game Review: Darksiders (Xbox 360)

Vulgrim: A salesperson from hell, literally. But at least there’s no service charge.

What gives Darksiders an edge is the comic book character designs by former X-Men artist, Joe Madureira. So you have War looking like a superhero in a cool cloak, while the various diabolical demons and chaotic creatures won’t look out of place in any comic book fantasy or apocalyptic Japanese anime, even.

Needless to say, the cool character designs carry over into the production of the gorgeous in-game graphics and cut-scenes. The artistic style of Darksiders is undeniably cool and adds to the overall fun factor of the game.

Gameplay-wise, War is surprisingly more than just a one note affair. Just when you think the Ninja Gaiden-like sword-swinging is the only trick in War’s repertoire, out comes on-rails flying sections — on a flying horse, no less — and even big-ass gun shooting sections.

You also get other secondary weapons along the way that involves shooting, or even throwing a boomerang-like star that slices and dices enemies. It’s the little tweaks to the standard third-person action game formula that makes life interesting in Darksiders.

Try leaping onto the back of Ruin, your great warhorse, to shoot down a giant sandworm that dives around the sandy dune. Or completing a (single-player) co-op mode quest with a guest star character who’s trolling for a fight.

War in smashing form.

There are also obstacles such as ice blocks or crystals that are obstructing you from certain rooms or areas containing treasures. The catch is that you can only open them with an appropriate weapon that can be obtained later on in the game — such as a powerful gauntlet that can smash ice mountains.

Hence, you are required to replay certain stages if only to satisfy your loot lust or compulsion to collect every artifact hidden in the game.

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