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Game Review: Darksiders (Xbox 360)


War, what is it good for? A really, really good action game from Virgil Games of course. And yes, when it comes to good versus evil, you have to take a look at this one – Darksiders.

Darksiders is an action game that plays the religious card, what with angels and demons fighting it out in the apocalyptic waste of a ruined Earth, and you trying to fight your way out of it. It is pretty much like any other action game, which involves plenty of dashing, bashing and slashing demonic creatures.

The catch is, you’re playing the lead role of not a nimble ninja, but War. As in, War with a capital ‘W’. And boy, is he really peaced off.

Think of War as the arrogant lead singer of a well, death metal band formerly known as The Four Horseman of Apocalypse.

He’s a tough warrior with big swords and big guns, and even transforms into a demonic gigantic form that is almost omnipotent albeit for brief periods. (Sort of like the God of War with a real bod of war, if you like).

Like any other ethereal pop star with a big ego, War finds that a solo career is not only tough to handle, he finds himself mistakenly — and possibly drunkenly — starting off the Apocalypse and things literally go to hell from there on.

Enter the obligatory fighting with demons and stuff in a comic book saga, with War the lonely superhero betrayed by the powers-that-be and struggling to solve the mysteries behind the apocalypse.

War’s path to redemption is basically an excuse to leap around and swing his mighty sword at everyone and everything — almost any environmental object like cars or rocks can be demolished to reveal hidden souls.

See that big gun? You can call it Gears of War if you dare.

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