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Game of Thrones characters matched with consoles; Hilarity Ensues

Yes, we’re sad too that Game of Thrones won’t be back for another year and neither will E3. In the meantime Redditor, VariousFancyHats, has decided to mash up the two in a fairly humourous style.

The Redditor was working with the fairly popular “Game of Thrones E3” meme that had started post-E3 on various image boards and news aggregators. The formula for the joke had started with tying characters with similar traits to their appropriate video game console counterpart. Initially, the gag was centred around the fact that regardless of who was seen as who,  the Xbox One was the character, Hodor. Those unfamiliar with the fantasy books or TV series, Hodor says only one word, his name: Hodor. He’s considered mentally enfeeble for this trait. Much like the Xbox One, the console seems fairly insular and is only interested when it hears it’s name called.

While E3 may have been won by Sony, it’s the power of the internet that drags out these console wars and comparisons for years to come, regardless of their intent.

via Reddit

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