While sales of Samsung’s flagship smartphone have been solid, an endemic of swollen batteries will put a dent in profits.


Rumors of flagging sales of the Galaxy S4 might be unfounded as Samsung’s CEO JK Shin announced today that the Galaxy S4 has accrued over 40 million sales across the globe since it was launched in March.

Samsung managed to sell over 10 million units of the Galaxy S4 in the first month of its availability, and has sold another 30 million since then. The Galaxy S4 has already overshared its predecessor, the Galaxy SIII, which sold 30 million units last year. Considering the strong sales of the Galaxy S4, Samsung is setting a loftier goal for the device and has stated that it is looking to hit the 50 million mark by the end of the year.

However, all is not good with the Galaxy S4. There have been numerous incidents of swollen batteries on the device, and it has been estimated that a total of 30 percent of Galaxy S4 devices might be affected by this issue. Samsung has mentioned that it will give out free batteries for affected customers, and JK Shin has mentioned that it is looking to curtail such issues from occurring on its future devices.

Source: iNews24