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Galaxy GeForce 6600LE DDR3

The physical size of this card is actually shorter then
most 6600 / 6600GT in the market. It seems Galaxy has a totally different
PCB design while compared against Galaxy’s 6600GT. This comes as a surprise
since other 6600LE cards we saw earlier have the exact same design. It appears that
Galaxy had redesigned this card for Dual BIOS and the Buzzer Alarm feature. No
doubt, such smaller card would be loved by the HTPC crowd, where space is
usually a constrain in their slim and sleek looking systems.

We took a closer look at the Galaxy 6600LE:

This is how the card looks like from the top view. The core
of this card is cooled by a heavy copper cooler while the RAMs are cooled
by the copper RAMsinks. The copper cooler for the core
comes with pretty LED lights too!

This is how the back of the card looks like.

As part of the Buzzer Alarm feature, there is an on-card
buzzer alerting users if the operational core temperature hits a critical
temperature. Once the temperature hits more then 75 degrees Celsius, this buzzer
would start to beep. Of course, users who opt not to have this option could
disable this feature by removing the jumper closest to the buzzer itself.

Another special feature of this card is it’s Dual BIOS
feature. In the event if the BIOS is damaged or corrupted due to a failed BIOS
flashing attempt, the user could switch back the secondary BIOS, via a switch
provided. The simple switch is fitted onto a PCI bracket, to be mounted into a
free PCI slot on the case. By simply removing a jumper and plugging in this
switch (as shown in this picture), users would have no qualms in flashing BIOS
for the video card anymore.

A closer look at the PCI bracket switch. Clearly stated, BIOS
1 and BIOS 2, which allows the user to switch between the both.

Physically on the card, we found the 2 BIOS chips. Responsible
for the Dual BIOS feature, these 2 small ICs would hold the non-volatile BIOS
data for the card.

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