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G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3-1600 8GB CL9 Dual Channel Memory Kit Review

The kit is pretty standard, a blister pack and the modules, nothing fancy. 

The package distinctively says designed for P67/Z68 Sandy Bridge, which is something to expect. 8GB dual channel kits are all but very common, and made for the Z68/P67 chipset platforms. Sandy Bridge is very good with memory, 8GB in dual channel; is not much for it to handle and 1600 MHz is a walk in the park.  


The modules are pretty nice, their color might seem odd for memory modules, but you are forgetting the plethora of boards with red and black color schemes. Just think about how good these would look with a ASUS ROG board or an ASRock Fatality series board. The heatinks almost look like shark fins, and their design is easy on the eyes. The PCB is black, and the heatinks aren't too tall as to cause issues with larger heatsinks. This kit, at under $50 carries the Ripjaw X name, so it carries styling that is hard to find on such an affordable kit. 


An up-close shot of the specs on the sticker. I was pleased when I saw 9-9-9-24 at only 1.5v, but then when I loaded the XMP profile and saw it was 1T I was shocked. Most 1600MHz kits rated at Cas9 either have 2T command rate, or require 1.65v, or even better have TRCD of 10 or something.  This kit could cost twice as much as it does now and people would jump on it. 


We do these shots to see the internal design of the heatsinks. Most designs are made to trap air and then release it, which this design does very well. Blown air flows in through the slots, bounces around internally, and then goes out another slot. 


This shot is to tell how good the contact is between the ICs and the heatsinks. We can see that a thin layer of thermal tape is used, and that it seems to have settled evenly.  Contact looks great. 

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