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G.SKILL PIS Series 2200MHz CL7 (2 x 2GB) Kit Review

When we review memory we look for a few things on the memory itself. The first few things have to do with appeal, such as the color of the PCB, and the overall look of the heatsinks. Next we look at the practicality of the heatsinks, the contact between the heatsinks and the modules, and the included accessories. 

So when we first saw this kit we were very pleased by the overall look, except for that fact that it has a green PCB. The extra touch of the black PCB can really add to a memory modules curb appeal, but regardless the specs of this kit make it what it is. yet there are many out there who see their memory everyday, as computer hardware enthusiasts are buying cases with windows and open air benches, they like to have everything match.

The fan itself isn't bad looking; it almost looks like a pair of human arms grasping the slots. The fan lights up blue and it is made of plastic. In fact plastic may be better in some cases, because the metal housings of other fans from let’s say corsair, can short out a long GPU, as the fan stand will come close to the PCB of the GPU. 

In a practical sense the fan is a bit big, and we will look at that later when we install all the parts. 

Now we look at some of the more practical parts of the memory, such as the heatsinks. They are very tall, and not detachable like some of the Corsair dominator modules, yet they have slits, and it seems like there is enough metal to actually disperse heat. That is a good sign, and we approve of the heatisnks' s design. Air can almost get trapped inside, and that is a good thing.


Here is a shot of the thermal pad and the modules. Instead of gluing the modules to the heatsink, G.Skill has used a thermal pad. Corsair seems to glue their modules, and yet many uses need to take the heatsinks off for LN2 benching, or if they don't allow for much CPU heatsinks clearance. We do not recommend that you remove the heatsinks, but it seems that with a little heat they will come off without too much damage. Please understand if you do decide to remove them, you can rip off the ICs and void your warranty at the same time.   

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