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G.SKILL announces DDR4 Ripjaws

G.SKILL has joined the likes of Crucial, Corsair and ADATA in announcing next-generation consumer DDR4 RAM kits. The Ripjaws 4 series arrives in anticipation of next month’s release of Haswell-E and the X99 platform.

RX4-3colorRipjaws 4 comes in a variety of kits – ranging from 2133 MHz all the way up to a higher-than-expected 3200 MHz, with CAS latency starting at 15. 4GB and 8GB modules will be available. Motherboards with 8 sockets can be populated to a maximum of 64GB. Compared to DDR3, the modules at 2800 MHz and under run at lower voltage of 1.2V, consuming less power. G.SKILL is also offering higher frequency options at 3000 and 3200 MHz, although these ship with higher voltages, slower latencies and/or limited configuration options. As DDR4 matures, we can expect to see higher frequencies in the coming years.

As expected, Ripjaws 4 fully supports a wide range of quad-channel X99 motherboards, including Intel’s new XMP 2.0 profile standard. As Haswell-E is expected to support up to 2133 MHz officially, 2400 MHz and above kits will be aided by XMP 2.0 to run at the higher frequencies.

The heatspreader has also been updated, now featuring three colours – blue, red and black. The new heatspreader continues to respect the 40mm height standard and thus should not impede aftermarket coolers.

G.SKILL’s Ripjaws 4 kits have started trickling down to North American e-tailers, available for pre-order. The entry level quad-channel 16 GB 2133 MHz kit is listed at $259 on Newegg. In comparison, Crucial’s DDR4 kits slightly undercut the new Ripjaws, though it is likely prices will stabilize with the release of Haswell-E. The sweet-spot is expected to be 2666 MHz, only slightly more expensive at $299, and does not require a compromise on voltage, latencies or configuration options.

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