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Futuremark Launches Powermark: Good Bye to MobileMark?

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After year and a half of work in complete silence, Futuremark released Powermark 1.0.0. This is the first generation battery testing benchmark based on PCMark7.

With the advancements of notebooks, reviewers often felt left out in terms of software choice for benchmarking. If you need to benchmark a processor, graphics card or even a whole system such as a desktop or a workstation – the choice of benchmarks is nearly endless.

However, selecting benchmark applications for testing notebooks is always a challenge… what benchmark is the best for testing the battery life? For years, the only realistic solution was to use MobileMark by BAPCo, which solely focused on business applications performance and is not without controversy.

Alternative method was to manually create a benchmark by running infinite loop of 3DMark or a movie or some sorts and use the chronometer until the battery expires, but this method was quite tough on testers.

Luckily, after months of development, Futuremark came out with another benchmark of their own: after having 3DMark as a reference 3D benchmark and PCMark as a overall system benchmark – Powermark is a PCMark7-based benchmark that measures complete system performance on a notebook.

According to Jukka Makinen, CEO of Futuremark, "Battery life is critical to delivering a positive user experience. Powermark helps PC industry OEMs and their suppliers strike a balance between performance and power consumption by providing a consistent, accurate and reliable testing and measurement tool created with Futuremark's deep experience in quality benchmarking software."

The test consists out of complex suite of benchmark routines which emulate the operations performed by various applications, such as Windows startup etc. For the first time since we follow Futuremark, the end result is not an index of some kind, but rather a runtime of the tested product.

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