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Future Apple devices might detect usage patterns to maximize battery life

Battery life is a major concern with electronic devices. A new Apple patent describes that future devices might be intelligent enough to detect usage patterns so as to maximize the battery life.


The patent was published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It details an intuitive control system for mobile devices that is capable of powering down certain components within the device, the decision to power down these components is made by judging various components such as user habits and location. Based on these components, the system estimates the energy required to power a device between charges. Input from user habits will enable the system to gauge what components the user is most likely not going to use, therefore powering them down won’t effect user experience but would greatly enhance efficiency of the battery.

The system works between charges, so it is capable of determining how long the user is likely to use their device before plugging it in again. It will judge if there is enough battery life to power the device for that time period in between charges. If battery life is insufficient for the required time, “one or more characteristics” of the device will be powered down to save energy.

Apple originally filed this patent in 2012. It can’t be said for sure if this technology will be implemented in the devices that are due to be released in the near future. Apple patents dozens of technologies each year, not every one of them makes the cut. Nevertheless, to have a device that is capable of conserving battery life on its own, this would definitely be a feature that is going to be well received by customers all around the globe.

Source: [AppleInsider]

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