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Fusion Garage to launch a JooJoo 2 soon?

The first JooJoo tablet may have met its end in the form of a disaster for Fusion Garage. But if anything, it seems that the Singaporean development studio is a strong believer of the saying that failure is the stepping stone to success. Apparently, the company has decided to take another shot at carving out a share of the tablet pie for themselves with blueprints for what appears to be yet another JooJoo tablet that has recently surfaced as a new listing on the FCC's website.

Well, this sure is interesting. Apparently, it seems that the guys over at Fusion Garage have decided to put the failure that was the JooJoo behind them, and planning to start anew with the development of yet another new device, if the recent listing for a new device at the FCC's website is of any indication.

Virtually no details about the new device, which has been tentatively dubbed as the JooJoo 2 by most media sources, have been revealed. However, a report published by established mobile technology website Liliputing claims that the FCC label ID drawing has suggested that the new device will take the form of a tablet computing device much like its predecessor. This has been further backed up by the fact that Fusion Garage had claimed some time back last year that it still intends to carry on developing new products in spite of the JooJoo's failure.

That being said, Fusion Garage will definitely have its work cut out for it if it does go ahead with its plans to launch the alleged JooJoo 2 tablet, and for good reason. After all, the original JooJoo tablet, with its US$499 price tag and barebones Linux-based OS, was widely criticized as an expensive tablet "which was difficult to use and couldn’t match the user experience of Apple’s iPad or any number of Android tablets". If theFCC filing is truly indicative of Fusion Garage's plans to take another shot at the highly competitive tablet market, the company will definitely have to find a way to address the shortcomings that caused the JooJoo to fail so spectacularly and bring its new tablet up to speed with current consumer expectations before it can even think of marketing a JooJoo 2.

Source: Liliputing

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