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The elite operatives of Overstrike 9 (from left to right) Dalton, Izzy, Naya and Jacob.

FUSE’s storyline chronicles the adventures of Overstrike 9, a team of four lethal agents under the employ of Lyndon Burgess who stand along against the nefarious Raven Corporation. The story in itself is centered on a mysterious alien substance called Fuse that the government has been experimenting with for the better part of half a century.

Fuse binds to any known element and makes it remarkably stronger, offering potentially limitless applications in technology and military warfare–and its this application that catches the attention of Raven, a rogue military organization seeking power and wealth.

Quite simply, Fuse has ushered in a new era of warfare, and Raven Corp. has plans to manufacture and sell their newfound destructive power source to terrorist cells across the globe, and Overstrike 9 is called in to thwart the company’s efforts.

The team takes aim against Raven enemies that threaten to overrun their position.

Overstrike 9 sets off on a series of missions to not only stop Raven Corp. from getting their hands on Fuse, but to infiltrate and dismantle it from the inside. Along the way the team learns the secrets of the mysterious substance–its origin and its ultimate power to name a few.

Their objective takes the team all across the world, from the farthest depths of the ocean in a deep-sea facility to a tropical island and even to the snowbound wilds of the north.

As they venture forth, each of the four members of Overstrike 9–Dalton Brooks, Izzy Sinclair, Jacob Kimble and Naya Devereaux–get a hold of experimental weaponry powered by Fuse, and learn to fight fire with fire.

Luther Devereaux, Naya’s father, is a leading captain of Raven Corp.

The plot is surprisingly layered and is punctuated throughout with exceptional quality, with complex inter-personal conflicts–such as Naya’s struggle to maintain composure against her father, Luther, who is a captain for Raven Corp.–that define the agents into fully fleshed characters.

The motivations for Raven Corp. are also revealed, and the story takes turns and twists in a roller-coaster ride of non-stop action, political intrigue, and global warfare that permeates through FUSE’s gameplay.

Using their newfound Xenotech firearms, our heroes battle impossible odds as a veritable army of heavily armed bio-enhanced soldiers, cybernetic robots that launch volleys of bullets and missiles, and bosses who consume raw Fuse stand in their way. Overstrike 9 must stop Raven from introducing Fuse into the global black market and thwart their efforts to start a new and much more volatile arms race–one that’s destructive force could very well annihilate the entire world.

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