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Fujitsu S7110 Notebook review

Many notebook users do a lot of research before they take the plunge and spend that few thousand bucks of theirs, especially users like many of us who crave for power and portability at the same time. I’m definitely no fan of heavy notebooks with a 15.4″ WXGA wide screen unless I decide to replace my desktop with one of these to save space. For the typical road warrior, one should be looking at a portable with the following specs:

  • Around 2KG
  • Connectivity Options like WIFI and Bluetooth(trust me, it’s cumbersome to carry a USB Bluetooth adaptor around like what I’m doing now)
  • Storage Options like a big hard drive and a DVD-RW
  • Beefy battery life, something more than four hours on battery at low speed

The Fujitsu S7110 is one of the lightest notebook around that comes with a 14″ screen weighing at 1.8KG, and it comes with all of the options that i’ve mentioned above as we can see in the specifications that I’ve listed out in the first page.

Another note for notebook users with sweaty palms, do look out for a notebook with both your track ball and a touchpad. The track ball will definitely be beneficial to them as it’ll be really hard to navigate using a touchpad if you have a sweaty palm.

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