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Fujitsu Researches on Screen Data Access Using Smartphones and Tablets

Fujitsu's Research Center unveils their new technology, and its potential to use smartphones and tablets to instantly acquire data that is visually presented on a screen by pointing the smartphone on certain portions of the screen.

Fujitsu Research and Development Center has revealed last January 20, 2013 that they are currently developing a new technology that uses smartphones and tablets to access visual data on computer screens. By pointing your unit on a certain part of the screen, you'll be able to access whatever is in that portion, regardless of whether it is a document, image or any other kind of file.

The idea takes into account how IP addresses and SSID's provide unit-specific data within the network, allowing all connected devices to recognize each other by default. By allocating a specific "IP address" on certain portions of the screen, a unit within the network would be able to easily identify which part of the screen it is actually pointing at. This means that the visual data that is currently displayed on the screen can be analyzed using the mobile unit's camera, so that the smartphone or tablet knows exactly which unit, and at what part of the screen it is currently looking at.

Using specialized software (that is installed on the target computer) that combines all of these data, one can easily attach a specific file or provide a course of action that could be downloaded and given by the mobile units as they "access" the screen. The process is perceived as automatic, easy and intuitive, making file access easier for the entire network.

For example, during a presentation at a meeting, participants may simply point their mobile units on the screen to download the needed reference and presentation materials and documents. One can easily have a copy of a high-res image that is displayed on the presentation screen by just pointing their mobile unit to the screen. It is as if the smartphone or tablet is taking a paper document that is posted on a bulletin board.

Fujitsu is planning to present the technology at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013.

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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