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Fujitsu Japan shows off Windows 7-powered tablet with built-in hardware keyboard

Tablets may be the future of computing, but suffice to say the onscreen keyboard offered by all OS developers for use on such devices leave a lot to be desired where tactile feedback and ergonomics are concerned. So what is an OEM to do to address such issues among consumers, especially among the heavy keyboard users found in business environments? Simple; you build a tablet that comes with its own built-in hardware keyboard. You know, like the one Fujitsu has here; the Fujitsu FMV LifeBook TH40/D.

The tablet may be a neat little device to use for mobile computing, but like all mobile devices, it comes with its own set of compromises, of which the most notable one is centered around its lack of a hardware keyboard. As such, this makes it ill-suited as a drop-in replacement device for typists who are always on the move. Until now, that is, for Fujitsu seems to have rectified the problem for good in the form of its new tablet PC, the FMV LifeBook TH 40/D, which features a…yep, you got it, a built-in hardware keyboard.

As with many unreleased devices, the devil lies in the details, but what we do know from various reports is that the tablet will be preloaded with Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system, and will be powered by Intel's Z670 Atom processor which is clocked at 1.5GHz. In addition, Fujitsu claims that the tablet will feature a 10-1-inch LED-backlit display, ostensibly to further reduce the power drain on the tablet in order to allow for longer uptimes on a single charge. Last but definitely not least, the LifeBook TH40/D is also said to feature 1GB of system memory and a 120GB hard disk, and sports a maximum height of 17.4mm.

The Fujitsu FMV LifeBook TH40/D tablet PC will reportedly be made available for retail in late June at the retail price of 80,000 yen or approximately US$989.

Source: ITMedia

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