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Fujitsu intros Lifebook UH90/L 14-inch ultrabook with 3,200 x 1,800 IGZO touchscreen


You can’t exactly call Fujitsu one of the ultrabook market’s biggest names, but the Lifebook UH90/L might well put the Japanese on the map.

The thing is marketed as “the world’s thinnest ultrabook”, though there’s fine print to go with that statement – it’s the thinnest ultrabook with an HDD. Regardless of the Lifebook UH90 being unable to compete in this department with competitors rocking SSDs, its biggest ace up its sleeve lies elsewhere.

And boy, oh boy, is this one big ace! Ready? The 14-incher sports an IGZO panel with 3,200 x 1,800 pixels resolution. There are two things to be underlined here – 1. IGZO screens, which are still not mainstream, are notorious for saving up energy while staying crisp and bright, and 2. that resolution, combined with the screen’s dimensions, results in an outstanding 262 ppi pixel density.

For comparison, Google’s highly acclaimed and much advertised Chromebook Pixel boasts “only” 239 ppi. Nice job, Fujitsu!

Of course, the Lifebook UH90/L is not all about the display, packing one of Intel’s fourth-generation Core i5 “Haswell” processors. The standard amount of RAM is 4 GB, whereas that above mentioned HDD comes with 500 GB of storage.

Most of the other specs are unknown for the time being, but one other detaiil that might pique your interest is that apparently the ultrabook’s 14-inch screen is somehow fitted into a standard 13-inch form factor. That means the fellow is very easy to transport aside from being easy on the eyes and fast and furious on the inside.

Oh, and did I mention it runs Windows 8 out the box and has a touch-enabled display? Sadly, there are no words on pricing, which is never a good sign, plus only a Japan release date has been set – June 28. Oh, if only this thing were to come to the West too and go for, say, no more than $1,300!

Via [Liliputing]

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