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Fujitsu Announces New Tablet PCs, Boasts Four-Point Multitouch Capability

Having spoken so much about the notebook unveiled by Fujitsu, we now present to you the stars of the event in all their glory: the 10.1-inch Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T580 tablet PC and 13-inch Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH530 notebook PC.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T580 tablet PC:
The true star of today’s event, the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T580 tablet PC is living proof that while slate-like devices are fast gaining acceptance in the market today, nothing can replace the traditional mobile computing device where content-creation is concerned. 
Targeted at the corporate consumers, the LIFEBOOK T580 tablet PC is designed for business users who need to perform computationally demanding tasks while out on the field. Weighing in at only 1.4kg,  its bi-directional, auto-rotating touchscreen, four-point multi-touch technology and digitizer pen will be a great asset in ensuring greater flexibility and user comfort. In situations where it is not feasible to make use of keyboard shortcuts, the ability to use up to four fingers to perform a variety of keyboard-related tasks has the potential to greatly simplify the portable computing experience and increase user efficiency.
Unlike other 10.1-inch notebook PCs which are marketed as netbooks and make use of an Atom processor, Fujitsu has announced that the LIFEBOOK T580 tablet PC will be backed by a powerful but energy-efficient Intel Core i3-380UM processor. This ensures that the LIFEBOOK T580 has more than sufficient processing power needed to handle most corporate-oriented tasks (except for gaming, of course). An i5 variant of the T580 is also available for greater processing power, although Fujitsu has announced that it will only be released on a project basis.
In addition, the LIFEBOOK T580’s screen is capable of outputting a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768, which is no mean feat for a screen of such dimensions. This allows more data to be displayed onscreen at anytime, which will be a great asset to the busy corporate worker on the move.
The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T580 will be available for sale in Singapore by December 2010 at a retail price of S$1,788 w/GST.
Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH530 notebook PC:
Nowadays, simply having a notebook that looks good is no longer enough. In addition to sporting visually appealing designs, it must also have the brawn needed to ensure that a user’s computing experience is not compromised under most typical usage situations. This is where Fujitsu comes in to fill that need with its new LIFEBOOK SH530 notebook PC.
Targeted at the fashionable and trendy user who requires the portability of a 13-inch notebook with the computational power of a larger device, Fujitsu claims that the SH530 is a perfect balance of power, mobility and price. 
In terms of design, the SH530 is a looker: the notebook sports an aluminium body completed with a brushed metal appearance, while a diamond-cut Fujitsu logo adorns the top of the SH530’s case. According to Fujitsu, this was done to create a certain premium feel which appeals to consumers who place heavy emphasis on visuals.
However, just as one should not judge a book by its cover, the Fujitsu packs some serious hardware under its premium looks as well. Providing the LIFEBOOK SH530’s processing power is an Intel Core i5-460m processor, while graphics processing capability is supplied by the discreet AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5430 graphics card which comes with 512mb of VRAM.
The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH530 will be available for sale in Singapore by 18 November and will retail for S$1,588 w/GST.

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