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Fujitsu Announces New Tablet PCs, Boasts Four-Point Multitouch Capability

Think that the traditional tablet PC is going the way of the dinosaur now that slates are quickly gaining traction in the consumer market? Far from it: Fujitsu, a well-known PC manufacturer today announced its latest batch of tablet PCs which claims to feature multitouch of up to four concurrent contact points. VR-Zone brings you the coverage from the event held at the Artichoke Cafe and Bar in Sculpture Square, in Singapore.

If the tablet PC were human, it would probably be rolling its eyes at its slate offspring, and for good reason. While there is no denying that slates make excellent devices where content consumption is concerned, they usually tend to lack in the content creation department.

And now that slates are fast gaining traction in the market, what would a PC maker like Fujitsu do to bridge the gap between the content-consumption oriented slates and the traditional, content-creating notebooks? The answer would be to merge the best of the two worlds by bringing back the tried-but-tested form factor of the tablet PC. Which is exactly what Fujitsu did today in its launch event held at the Artichoke Cafe at Sculpture Square in Singapore.
In his opening address, Ivan Ong (pictured below), Fujitsu Associate Director for South East Asia acknowledged that tablet technology will have a great impact on the way users interact with a PC.
“This year has been a very exciting year for Fujitsu because we have a lot of competitors launching new products in the market. These products will change the way we interact with our PC. As Fujitsu is very experienced in the field of tablet PCs, we are proud to  showcase our latest addition, the affordable and full-featured T580 to the table PC family,” he said.
Next up was Edmund Lim, Product Marketing Manager for Fujitsu South East Asia, who proceeded to talk about the two laptops being launched by Fujitsu, the 10-inch LIFEBOOK T580 tablet PC and 13-inch LIFEBOOK SH530 notebook PC.
Citing how the LIFEBOOK T580 tablet PC was designed around the need for mobility, Lim outlined how the tablet PC’s four-point multitouch feature was a game changer in terms of productivity.
“We aim to create a refreshing approach towards the tablet PC, and also to create a unique user experience. This is a three-way input tablet: touch, write and type. In addition to the capacitive screen, a battery-powered stylus pen will also be provided, as is the practice with all Fujitsu tablet PCs,” he said. 

 “But what is interesting is that we have a 4-point multitouch screen. The current multi-touch technologies in the market are either two- point or three-point touch, but with four-point, users can perform more shortcut commands as opposed to 2 or 3-point touch,” he explained.
Lim then proceeded to demonstrate the four-point multitouch feature by using it to save a portion of a webpage and sending it to a friend via Facebook.
Lim also spoke briefly about the new LIFEBOOK SH530, which is a 13-inch notebook designed for the fashionable consumer who requires the computational horsepower of a regular notebook.
“The LIFEBOOK SH530 is a perfect balance of power, mobility and price. Even though it is an entry-level offering to the 13-inch notebook segment, we wanted to offer a little more with it. The SH530 will come with an Intel Core i5 processor and discreet AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5430 of VRAM for that something extra,” he said.

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