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Fujitsu 2205GL LCD Monitor Review

Most manufacturers numbered the product model according to the display size whereby allowing most users to be able to tell directly from. However, not this one; the Fujitsu 2205GL isn’t a 22-inch monitor, but a 21.5-incher. Unlike most of the LCD monitors with a glossy tempered glass layer for supposedly “better” viewing, this one does not has come with it. The Fujitsu has a red surrounding rim while the body features a glossy black finish. Below the wide-format screen that supports full HD 1920x1080p resolution is the Fujitsu brand name and the power, control buttons on the right.

From the rear, you can see Fujitsu’s company logo on the entirely glossy black exterior. There is a removable back panel that hides your connectors from view, but when you lay down the power and video cables, they are very much visible.

Removing the back panel, we discovered the standard DVI and VGA input and power connectors. Even though we saw the Speaker/Optical label beside the power, there isn’t an audio port on the monitor. There are two speaker grill at the back, which denoted the monitor’s built-in speakers, but maybe this model does not have audio output.

Quick Aseembly

When the 2205GL came into our office, it was not yet assembled unlike the first picture on this page. The box contained the display, the neck, base plate and screws and a monitor set up instruction guide.

Assembly is a breeze, even without relying on the user’s manual. The first step is to connect the neck to the monitor – insert the neck into the monitor’s slot, place the screws and tighten them. For the review unit, Fujitsu only provided us with two screws for three screw holes.

The next step is to place the base plate onto the monitor’s neck. It should fit only in one way, and after that, place the base plate screw and tighten it. Voila! The assembly is complete. And lastly, connect the power and video cable to enjoy your display.

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