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Fujifilm X100 production to resume

Did the recently-announced X100 camera from Fujifilm capture your attention? If it did, chances are you might have been disappointed to find out that the camera's production would be delayed due to Fujiflim's factories being affected by the recent earthquake in Japan. However, it seems that good things come to those who wait: Fujifilm has released a report claiming that they have been able to resume production of the camera recently.

Does anyone remember the Fujifilm X100 camera? You know, the recently-launched compact camera that features an APS-C sensor and bears an uncanny resemblance to the old 35mm rangefinder cameras of the past? Well, it turns out that the short period of disruption caused to Fujifilm's production lines have been resolved, and the camera should be making its way to US shores soon.

According to an official announcement posted by Fujifilm Japan, the company's production plants and factories were indeed affected by the recent earthquake which levelled much of North East Japan. However, the report also goes on to claim that Fujifilm has been able to recover its production lines, and that the manufacturing and assembly of the X100 cameras will resume, with a shipment slated to arrive in US in the first week of April.

Source: Fujifilm Japan

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