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Fuji Xerox Launches New SLED Printers For Homes and SMBs

On display is the DocuPrint P205b and the small, circular toner cartridge. The pink version of the DocuPrint P205b is on the right. Why pink version? According to Fuji Xerox, 40% of consumers who purchased their printers are female.

And for the initial launch campaign, Fuji Xerox will donate S$10 with every unit sale of the pink DocuPrint P 205b between 01 December 2010 to 28 February 2011 to The Star Shelter. The Star Shelter is operated by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations (SCWO) and provides temporary refuge to women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Here’s the news release:-

Singapore, 12 November 2010 – Fuji Xerox Printer Channel (FXPC) has announced today the launch of its new DocuPrint series of A4 SLED (Self-Scanning Light-Emitting Diode) printers: DocuPrint CP105 b/CP205/CM205 b (colour) and DocuPrint P205 b/M205 b (monochrome). These new printers ranges from single function to multifunction printers and is one of the industry’s smallest and lightest models in its class. The new DocuPrint series is designed to meet the demands of home users, Small Office Home Offices (SOHO) as well as Small- and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs).

Award-Winning SLED Printhead
LED printheads require virtually no moving parts and this enables a significant size reduction as well as noiseless operation. However, conventional LED printers cannot produce high print quality due to fluctuations in numerous light-emitting elements, which results in unevenness in colour density. After several years of research and development, Fuji Xerox had managed to overcome this problem by developing a 1,200 dpi resolution self-scanning light-emitting device (SLED) that is supported with another proprietary technology, DELCIS (Digitally Enhanced Lighting Control Imaging System) which enables precise integrated control of all light-emitting elements using a single high-performance ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit).

Furthermore, Fuji Xerox adopted lenses with uniform optical characteristics to create a simple-structure, high-resolution LED printhead (1,200 x 2,400 dpi), which allows for compactness without any compromise on the printing quality.

The colour models in Fuji Xerox’s all new DocuPrint series include two single-function printer models (CP105 b and CP205) and one multi-function printer model that integrates copy, scan and print functions (CM205 b). These printers offer true 1200x 1200dpi print quality (the only printer in this class to offer this). Moreover, the DocuPrint CP105 b is also the smallest colour printer in its class; measuring a mere 394x304x234mm.

Market leading after-sales service
For the first time in the market and with the new DocuPrint series, Fuji Xerox will introduce two new after-sales initiatives. All the new printers come with a 2 + 2 years warranty program; for the initial two years, customers will enjoy a two years of standard warranty, in which, spare parts and labor costs are covered. For the first time in the industry, Fuji Xerox will extend the warranty program to cover an additional two years of limited warranty. For this, the customers need only to pay for the labor costs while Fuji Xerox will continue to cover all spare parts. On top of this, Fuji Xerox is also offering another industry first; it guarantees 1-hour service time.

The new DocuPrint monochrome printer series – DocuPrint P105 b is retailing at the recommended retail price of S$139 (quartz) and S$169 (pink), while the DocuPrint M205 b is retailing at the recommended retail price of S$229 through the Fuji Xerox authorise resellers. The colour printer series – DocuPrint CP105 b, CP205, CP205 w and M205 b is retailing at S$329, S$429, S$459 and S$499 respectively.

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