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FPSRussia’s weapons manager found dead

FPSRussia's YouTube channel, featuring the fictional Russian character Dmitri Potapoff, is all about guns. In every video, a new weapon is demonstrated to great effect with explosions, target practice and humor. FPSRussia's arsenal was managed by Keith Ratliff, who has just been found dead at his place of business, the possible victim of homicide.

FPSRussia's YouTube channel is a haven for gun nuts and FPS players. In each video, Dmitri Potapoff, a fictional Russian played by Kyle Myers, demonstrates different weapons, ranging from pistols to assault rifles, all the way up to tanks. I've been a subscriber myself for quite some time, and there's always been one question on my mind whenever I see a particularly impressive weapon being tested: How do you even go about getting one of those? Enter Keith Ratliff, FPSRussia's weapons manager. Ratliff worked in close partnership with Myers on the YouTube channel and also operated a custom firearms manufacturer called FPS Industries; it's thanks to him that the show has had it's wide and impressive arsenal. However, tragically, Ratliff was found dead at his Georgia business.

Keith Ratliff was responsible for supplying FPSRussia with its arsenal


Kitty Wandell, also a part of the FPSRussia YouTube channel, released this statement: "As I am sure most of you know Keith Ratliff has been with the FPS Russia channel for quite some time now, helping us out with everything from pulling pranks to finding almost impossible weapons to use in videos. It saddens me to confirm that he was indeed found having passed away here in Georgia on Thursday. I do ask for some privacy right now as you can imagine it has shocked us all and our main thoughts and concerns lay with his family right now. Thank you for understanding."


Keith Ratliff


Ratliff, 32, was found dead on Thursday at 5.45pm, having last been seen alive the previous day at around 7pm. The body was found with a bullet hole in the head and is currently being regarded as a homicide. The GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) is aiding local authorities with the case. The body has been taken to Atlanta to perform an autopsy.



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