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Foxconn MARS P35 Motherboard Overclocking BIOS

All Voltages Control almost truly mean just that, you can
control over a lot of voltages that are relevant to an overclocker, and this is
what I want to explore in details.

Now the base control over CPU VCore goes up to 1.6v in fine
increments. This would have been a wet blanket for overclockers if not for the
next option:

In comes the CPU Voltage Multiplier, I like this concept a
lot. What it does it that it magnifies your CPU Vcore selection, so eventually
boosts the amount of voltage applied to your CPU by the percentage you select.
So the maximum Vcore you can get is 1.6v x 1.296 = 2.07v. Ample and huge amount
one gets there! And no need to whip out your calculator, the target CPU voltage
tells you what your selection will bring about. Do notice that Foxconn outlines the subjectively dangerous
settings in red, for the unknowing NOOB overclocker.

You will not be disappointed with the DRAM voltage options

All the way to 3.365v for DDR2 Memory, no one however crazy,
will crave for more!

Northbridge chipset voltage will help FSB overclocks, and even
your Memory overclocks, since Memory Controller lies here.

Again, no sane person will be in want – 2.4v chipset is just
through the roof!

CPU VTT, tied in with the CPU GTL Reference voltage will
assist one in pushing the high FSB barriers. 1.725v here is an excellent end –
when one’s lucky, one may get a CPU to like such a high VTT setting, but most of
the time, CPUs react better at lower voltages than this, about 1.5v to 1.6v


Southbridge voltage is also selectable thankfully. One may
even experience better overclocking from this, since the board ties the CPU PLL
voltage to the Southbridge voltage, like many other motherboards.

1.95v again is more than any can ask for.

In conclusion, this vital aspect for an overclockers’
motherboard has been way more than satisfactory. I’m sure overclockers will

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