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Foxconn 955X7AA-8EKRS2

Although it is targeted at the enthusiast / performance markets, the Foxconn
955X7AA lack of tweaking and overclocking options in the bios is rather disappointing. One of the biggest let down for this board is it’s
maximum FSB adjustment of 265MHz, which is simply too limited for most good
overclockers out there. To add on, the really humble maximum voltages for both
VDDR2 and VCore is just a little too limited, even for those mid range air
cooled systems.

Memory timing tweaks on the other hand, looks a little more promising, with
the 4 major DRAM timings adjustments, namely: Tcl-Trcd-Trp-Tras. However, it
seems like these timings are limited, with the tightest options for Tcl, Trcd
and Trp being capped at “3”. This is contrary to the usual “2” on most other boards.

Let’s take a look at the list of BIOS Tweaking Options available on this


  • Auto Voltage Sensing (Default Vcore)
  • +0.100V ~ +0.1875V
  • In 0.0125V Increments
VDIMM Voltages
  • Default Vdimm (1.8V)
  • +0.07V / 1.87V
  • +0.13V / 1.93V
  • +0.18V / 1.98V
Adjustable DRAM Latencies
  • DDR2 CAS Latency (TCL)
  • RAS to CAS Delay (TRCD)
  • Precharge Time (TRP)
  • RAS Active Time (TRAS)
Other Major Tweaking Options
  • System Core (Chipset) Voltage
    Adjustable, from +0.05V ~ +0.15V, in 0.05V increment
  • CPU Multiplier Adjustable (from 14x to 18x on our P4 3.6Ghz ES)
  • FSB Ranging from 200 to 265MHz
  • FSB adjustments in 1MHz increments
  • Selectable Async PCI Clock frequencies
  • PCI Clock selectable values: 33.3 / 36.3 / 40.0MHz
  • Async DRAM Ratios supported
  • DRAM Ratio Values: SPD/533MHz/667MHz
  • PCIe Clock Frequencies Adjustable, from 100MHz ~ 200MHz, in 1MHz


Here are some screen shots of the BIOS options present on this Foxconn


The SuperSpeed menu, which has the core overclocking options such as CPU clocks, PCIe Clocks, CPU Voltage, Memory Voltage, etc


Very limited FSB adjustments on this board. We hope a newer
BIOS can give a wider range in this field.


Pretty limited CPU Vcore options available on this board also.
At it’s best, our P4 3.6GHz ES can only get about 1.43V, which is insufficient for good overclocking for more aggressively air cooled systems.


A maximum of about 2V is acceptable but of course not ideal.


System Core voltage is welcoming, especially for those who
aspire high FSB overclocks.


Here are some of the memory timings that can be adjusted on
this board.


Here’s the maximum overclock we could achieve on this board:


*Click for a larger picture

Mainly due to the lack of higher FSB options, we can hit the
maximum available FSB with just a single try. It certainly is a case of
inadequate FSB options, as we have tried higher FSB frequency with this chip.
Very limited CPU voltage is also another setback for this board, hampering
further overclocks. 

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