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Foxconn 955X7AA-8EKRS2

Since Foxconn is targeting more at the enthusiasts’ market, this board has an
adequate list of features on the board. With features like 8 SATA ports and Dual
Gigabit LAN, this 955X7AA does not short-change on features for the mainstream user. However, since Foxconn’s name is mentioned here, the expected pricing of
this board is said to be at a very low point, making this one of the most value
for money board, in terms of price/performance + feature set ratio.

Let’s take a look at the various aspects and key features available on the
Foxconn 955X7AA:


A look at the Foxconn 955X7AA-8EKRS2, from the top. Flashy red
PCB on this board, its a good attempt at hitting that slick appeal.


The Foxconn heatsink fan that sits on top of the Intel i955X
chipset. Being relatively small, it runs pretty warm after sometime.


A Silicon Image Sil3112 chipset on the board, that takes care
of 2 more extra SATA connectors. However, being only SATA1, it will be more
welcoming if they added a SATA2 controller, rather then this SATA1 part.


One of the onboard Gigabit LAN connector is controlled by this
Broadcom BCM5789 chipset, which works on PCIe x1 lanes.


The other Gigabit LAN controller, Broadcom BCM5788, which
resides on the conventional PCI bus.


A Texas Instrument TSB82AA2 Firewire IEEE 1394b controller.
This chip controls the IEEE 1394a port on the rear I/O connector, and another
IEEE 1394b port via PCI header. Great for external storage junkies, or high end
video camera owners, who require extremely high speeds of up to 800MB/s transfer


Like all other recent Southbridges, this board has a
heatsink that sits on top of the ICH7R. When in operation, this heatsink gets pretty warm.


An ITE IT8212F PATA controller, that takes charge of 2
additional ATA133/100/66 connector, supporting up to 4 of such devices. This
feature rather important, since the Intel ICH7R natively supports only one
of such connectors, which means plugging only 2 devices.


The 2 PATA connectors, controlled by the ITE IT8212F PATA


This Realtek ALC880 chip, takes charge of the onboard sound.
It not only supports 7.1 channel output and the usual AC97 2.3 codec, it also
supports Intel’s HD Audio standards. 


The rear I/O connectors present on this board. Dual LAN
connectors, SPDIF Optical and Coaxial outputs are among the list. Please look at
the specification table in our previous page, for a complete listing.

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