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Forza 5 box art leaks, unleash your racing demon

For fans of racing simulators, Forza has become a staple part of their high speed diet, and so it’s not a surprise that Microsoft has confirmed Forza 5 as one of the Xbox One’s launch titles.  For ultra-fans of the Forza franchise, a glimpse at just the box art alone might bring out some tingling sensations and arousal in certain places—which is what we have here.

The Forza 5 box art was found on Amazon’s German site, and from the picture it appears as though Microsoft will continue to go green—regardless of the titles. 

Microsoft’s Xbox One event didn’t show off a healthy selection of titles to choose from at launch or right after the console go live, but key franchises like Battlefield, Call of Duty, and FIFA will all make their way onto Microsoft’s next-gen system.

While we’re expecting Sony to show off the PlayStation 4 at E3 next month, we’re also expecting Microsoft and company to throw at us (or at least tease) some more titles.  If Forza is all you really care about, then Microsoft has done their part, and now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the Xbox One and the game to drop some time this holiday season.

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