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Former AMD Exec says Xbox One APU project worth over $3 billion to company

Microsoft's Xbox One specifications are out and officially confirm an AMD APU based design. This (third) win spells nothing but good news for the troubled company.

With Microsoft announcing that the Xbox One contains an AMD APU at its heart, the Sunnyvale based company has scored yet another design win totalling up to three for the current (next) generation of consoles. This is rather important to the future of AMD's ambitious APU (Accelerated Processing Unit, more on that later) project as well as the survival of the company as a whole. It is no secret that AMD has been struggling to match Intel's offerings in performance since the dawn of the first Core processors (back in 2007). Since then, the company has been on a downward spiral with several delayed projects as well as selling off of many key assets (one of the most important one being the Adreno brand, which was sold off to Qualcomm for a meagre sum). Thus, this hat trick of design wins (must be a new feeling for the company altogether) comes as a much needed victory that is both crucial to the survival of a company that is rapidly losing money (only recently did it go back to black) as well as to the future of the (potential filled) APU project.

A former executive of AMD stated that the project is worth as much as $3 billion to the company. Bob Feldstein worked as Corporate Vice President of Business Development at AMD, but is currently employed at nVidia as the Vice President of Technology. Here's what Feldstein as to say about the Xbox One project:

This required the coordination of multiple functional teams within AMD, as well as regular customer meetings with leadership teams responsible for handling the challenges of complex, multi-year deals. This project is valued at $3+B.

Even though these leaked financial figures may sound good, AMD might not really appreciate the gesture. A couple of months ago, AMD filed a lawsuit against Feldstein and a couple of other former employees who departed from AMD for nVidia last year. The firm claims that these rogue employees stole over 100,000 confidential documents and presented them to their arch enemy. nVidia of course declined the allegation.

AMD has provided their APU design and GPU expertise in developing the both the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4. In addition, Nintendo's Wii U is also powered by an AMD GPU, although the CPU remains an IBM PowerPC derivative.

Source: GameChup via VG247

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