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Demo footage of Xbox One’s ‘Snap Mode’ surfaces via devkit video

In lieu of an official live demo of the Xbox One’s Snap Mode, video footage has surfaced that showcases the multitasking mode in its unfinished state via an Xbox One devkit.

Xbox One Snap Mode
Users will be able to “snap an app” via the Xbox One’s innovative Snap Mode, offering simultaneous multi-tasking across an array of software whilst in-game or watching a movie (seen above).

Microsoft’s Xbox One is just weeks away from release, yet the Redmond-based console-maker has yet to put out any live-action demonstrations of the console’s touted features in action.

Instead Microsoft has highlighted the Xbox One’s capabilities with their recent “Meet The Xbox One” advertisement video, but gamers are dubious as many believe that the footage is “doctored up” and that the real experience will vary.

The Xbox One’s multitasking Snap Mode is perhaps one of the more useful and convenient features that the system offers, allowing gamers to simultaneously run two apps at once. This includes searching Internet Explorer while in-game, or Skype-ing a friend while watching a movie.

As Albert Penello reveals, licensing issues have kept Microsoft from doing any sort of direct feed of the mode in action.

Now that a demo on the finalized version of the multitasking mode isn’t available, Game On Daily has posted up footage of Snap Mode running on an Xbox One devkit. The video gives gamers an idea of how the mode will run in an everyday environment, and features a user navigating Internet Explorer while simultaneously gaming in Killer Instinct.

While we don’t know the exact build of the devkit’s software, but Microsoft’s Albert Penello claims that the footage makes use of an older build. Penello goes on to say that Microsoft has since streamlined Snap Mode, making it much faster and alleviating the way games are “squeezed” within the video.

The finalized version will no-doubt be much more responsive and overall improved, but the video does give players an un-edited look at how the Xbox One’s multitasking tool works and operates during a gaming session.

It will be interesting to see if any more footage surfaces–perhaps Microsoft will be able to untangle the mess of licensing issues and put their own demo–but we might have to wait until the Xbox One is released later this month to find out the specific logistics of Snap Mode.

For a more refined look at Snap Mode, Machinima’s new Xbox One app makes use of the console’s multitasking mode to display in-game tips. The publication has posted up a trailer (included below) that highlights the app’s “wingman” feature, giving gamers a look at the app’s capabilities as well as a clearer look at Snap Mode.

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox One console is slated to launch on Nov. 22, 2013 for a price point of $499. For more information be sure to check our recent coverage or head on over to the Xbox Wire.

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