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Flash on the iPad? Yes, we can!

Steve Jobs does not want Flash on his beloved iPhones and iPads. That is perfectly fine with most of us. But not for a developer who wants that feature. And the solution? Hack together a Flash for iPad. And the coolest thing about it? It actually works. Well, sort of.

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Yep, you heard it right: after months of having to deal with the lack of Flash on Apple’s highly popular mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, a developer has apparently decided to take things into his own hands and produce his own version of the Flash plugin for the iOS.

According to Engadget, a developer by the name of Comex (that reminds us, our own COMEX 2010 is only a couple of months away) has successfully cobbled together a working Flash plugin for the iOS. Known as Frash, it allows for simply playback of Flash animations and games, although video support is still lacking in this early stage.

However, not just anyone can pick up a development copy of Frash and load it onto the iOS yet: for one, the installation of an external plugin requires that the iDevice has already been jailbroken, thus conveniently voiding your warranty in the process. But more importantly, the Frash plugin is still very much a work-in-progess product, so bugs and issues are bound to occur, and we cannot be held responsible if doing so bricks your iPad, causes nuclear missles to rain down on your home, or turns the device into a sentient, mother-insulting creature.

But if that will not be enough to stop you from getting your hands dirty at trying out this plugin, or if you have been deprived of your Flash entertainment for far too long, fire up your favourite search engine, look for a Frash.deb (yes, it’s a Debian package) andhop over to Engadget’s post for a comprehensive llist of instructions on how to get the package working on the iOS. But if the good folks over an Engadget managed to get it working as shown in the video below, then there’s a pretty good chance you may be able to do so as well.

Although we cannot help but wonder what Comex used to port a (somewhat) working copy of Flash over to the iOS without significant issues. Perhaps Frash may be Gnash-based? We’ll probably have to wait for more information to come by.

Source: Engadget

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