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‘Flappy Bird’ mod for ‘GTA 4’ available now

‘Flappy Bird’ flaps its way into Liberty City courtesy of a mod for Grand Theft Auto 4.


After already having made its way into Grand Theft Auto 5, Flappy Bird lands on GTA 4, albeit through a mod that aims to offer the same frustrating experience that iOS and Android users had become accustomed to while Flappy Bird was still available.

This retro styled game quickly became a global sensation, even though it was incredibly difficult to play and often irritated players to the point of wanting to smash their phones. It’s safe to say that people were addicted to it, the developer reportedly killed the game just because of this reason, though it is believed that he might have received a legal notice from Nintendo due to the similarities in graphics. The game has lived on in various forms since then, there’s the ever increasing number of clones and now GTA 4 players can get in on the action as well.

Once players install this mod for Grand Theft Auto on Windows PC, protagonist Luis’ head transforms into that of a bird and he begins to fly throughout the city. Initially the aim was to make players flap Luis around while avoiding collisions, but the developers made it a bit more exciting, hitting pedestrians is necessary to obtain points and if players hit anything else, the protagonist dies. There are three different modes in this mod, in One Chance players must hit pedestrians every time, in Time Limit they need to keep hitting pedestrians so as to increase the time on clock whereas the Free Mode is similar to the classic Flappy Bird game where Luis needs to die for the mode to stop.

GTA 4 players looking to spice up things a bit will certainly find this mod amusing, as it joins the already long list of third-party mods available for the title which aim to do just that. The mod is now available for download.

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