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First Looks: ASUS ROG Rampage IV Extreme (Intel X79) – Hardcore is back!

X-Socket (swap out socket 2011 backplate for socket 1366 mounting)

The socket mounting can be screwed open by a provided allen key.


Front Plate off.


Socket 2011 Backplate off


Socket 1366 Backplate on


Now the 4 holes can be used for Socket 1366 coolers


We used Thermalright's Intel Mountings – looks like it worked 🙂


We tried with our favourite Thermalright Silver Arrow Dual Tower Heatpipe cooler – sadly as you clearly see the fans when installed will block RAM installation.


Switched for a slimer Thermalright Archon – it fits without blocking any RAM slots.

Other Accessories


OC Key – this nifty little invention generates a graphical display overlay on the active DVI monitor to adjust overclock settings in real-time without using additional software or hardware.


VGA Hotwire – plug one end to the motherboard and solder the other end to the graphic card's voltage regulator. Good for users who don't want to mess with tiny variable resistors and have voltage monitoring within the BIOS.


4-Way SLi Bridge


More SLi and Crossfire Bridges – this board was designed for multi-gpu benching/gaming



Battlefield 3 Full Game will also be bundled in with the motherboard.


Stay tuned for our full review soon!

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