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First Look: Foxconn Blood Rage

We haven’t had much time to play with the Blood Rage yet. This does look like quite a promising motherboard though. The tweaking options have all been laid out in a single section dubbed, unsurprisingly, “Quantum BIOS” by Foxconn.

There are 8 profiles which can be saved to / loaded from.

The only gripe we have so far is that one has to leave the Quantum BIOS section and tab over to Hardware Monitoring to see current voltages and temperatures… if only these were under the same roof as the rest of the overclocking-related settings.

There is an interesting little button on the motherboard Foxconn claims will help overclocking by ‘tuning’ the motherboard for the desired settings. Pressing it shuts down the motherboard for a few seconds, after which the motherboard turns back on. The X58 chipset does normally ‘self-optimise’ upon each startup based on the selected clockspeeds – perhaps this is related? We’ll be doing some tests to see what difference using this little thingumabob makes, if it does make any difference at all.

We should also mention that we had some trouble setting up the Foxconn Blood Rage. For reasons still unknown at this time it refused to work with the FSP Everest power supply we normally use, and we had to switch to a Silverstone power supply to get things rolling. We’re guessing it’s the power supply’s fault, so don’t be alarmed.

So far we have managed to go to 4.3Ghz using this board on air cooling alone. CPU voltage had to be pushed quite high though. We’ll be updating this space as we go along.

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