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First Look at DFI RD600 & 680i SLI

And of course the 680i SLI Motherboard coming soon from DFI. This is Early
Egineering Sample 1.

As you can see the PCB layout is very close to the CFX3200. An actively cooled
Southbridge compared to the passive Southbridge of the CFX3200.

Instead of the PCIE 1 & 3 design on the NVIDIA Reference
680i SLI Mlotherboard, this board runs the 2 x16 PCI Express lanes on the first
2 slots, leaving the last slot a x8 for Physics.

The same 6 phase Digital PWM.


The 680i SPP. This chipset will eventually be actively cooled
and the chipset cooler you see in previous pictures is just temporal.


An Engineering Sample as seen behind with some amendments on

Even the BIOS is still in Beta:

The retail BIOS should include adjustments for GTL Ref Voltage
for the CPU.

From what I heard, the RD600 seems to be performing slightly better, clock
for clock, in terms of 3D performance, compared to the 680i. But in Super Pi
Tests, it lags behind the 680i slightly. I will be testing these boards out
so we’ll find out soon enough! This is just a preview to whet yout appetite.

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