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First GTA V gameplay trailer shows off plethora of all-new in-game activities

Trailer shows snippets of epic gameplay sequences across diverse environments.

grand theft auto v 5 logo

If you thought the previous Grand Theft Auto 5 trailers were blow-your-socks-off epic, wait till you see this! Rockstar promised yesterday to release a juicy gameplay trailer, and boy have they delivered!

Almost five minutes long, the trailer shows off various in-game activities including scuba-diving, flying a Learjet, hunting animals,  rappelling down skyscrapers, switching between the three in-game characters on the fly, customizing vehicles, characters, playing golf, tennis, cycling, skydiving etc., in addition to the usual shooting bad guys, escaping the police, and exploring the big city gameplay elements.

grand theft auto 5 tennis

The trailer ends with a teaser clip from GTA V’s online multiplayer component, which shows multiple helicopters, fighter air crafts, and road cars battling it out on a single multiplayer level. Rockstar will be detailing GTA V’s multiplayer “soon”.

I’ll stop now to let you see the video for yourself. Be sure to watch it in HD for full effect.

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