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First Asus smartwatch headed for market in September with Android Wear on board

Unlike Sony, which stubbornly wagers on a proprietary smartwatch OS, Asus reportedly plans to keep its wearable efforts simple and adopt the growing Android Wear platform.


It was pretty much set in stone when we first heard about it, via “sources in the know”, but now you can deem it official too. As per statements from the Asus CEO himself, quoted by Focus Taiwan, next month’s IFA tech fair in Berlin will be the debut stage of yet another Android Wear intelligent wristwatch.

The unnamed gizmo shall mark Asus’ inaugural foray in fruitful wearable ground, although the creators of funky hybrids like the Padfone phone/tablet combo, Transformer Pads or Transformer Books don’t feel very optimistic about their short-term prospects in the fledgling market.

Like most other smartwatch producers, Asus is “dreaming big about the future of wearable devices”. However, Jerry Shen claims, “the dream will not come true this year or in the first half of next year”. Question: it won’t come true for anyone, or anyone that’s not Apple?

Asus smartwatch

I’m guessing the latter is closer to reality, albeit Shen believes a second-generation Asus wearable piece, that’s already planned, could do the trick and drive market demand to satisfactory heights. Sooo, either he reckons the iWatch isn’t going to be a massive hit after all, or he anticipates a healthy enough demand growth by 2015 that will allow Cupertino and others to strike box-office gold.

Anyways, that’s in the distant future, so let’s focus on the Asus watch due out at IFA this September, with “better looks” than the competition and a “relatively low price tag”. Relatively low, as in between $100 and $150? We’ll see. But if I were Motorola’s head honcho, I’d definitely speed up Moto 360’s launch. The same goes for Samsung, and its long rumored Gear Solo.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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