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Firefox 16 removed due to security risks

After only a day, Mozilla has taken down the new version of their browser in order to fix a significant security flaw.

Only a day after release, Mozilla has pulled the newest version of their popular browser Firefox from their installer page after it was discovered that a significant security flaw compromised the browser. The flaw would allow malicious software to track the internet usage of the browser and determine which pages the user had accessed and provide the URL to those sites.

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Mozillas director of security assurance has stated on the company's blog that "At this time we have no indication that this vulnerability is currently being exploited in the wild." Nevertheless, Mozilla is urging users who upgraded to downgrade to version 15.0.1 for the time being, while a fix is being developed. The previous vbersion of the browser is supposedly unaffected by the security flaw. The fix is expected to ship tomorrow, patching the vulnerability, and to those users who decide not to upgrade, the fix will be applied to their browsers automatically when released.

The new version of Firefox will contain more support for HTML 5, as it seems the development team has decided the emerging technology is stable enough not to cause problems for the browser. In addition, web developers will receive a new command line tool and the Android version of the browser will get a new "reader mode" enabling easier reading of articles on your phone by reformatting the page.

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