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Fire up! MSI’s mobile gaming monster – the GX600 Gaming Notebook

  The GX600 stands out among laptops with its sleek piano black finish and red flaming ascents.
It maintains a relatively low profile, despite having specifications that can rival most other competitor’s desktop replacement models.

The large MSI logo accompanied by tribal flame-orange motifs. Definitely a head turner for those seeking attention!

 Sparing no quarter in connectivity! Just look at the amount of outputs that the GX600 has. An impressive array – E-Sata, Digital TV-tuner, Firewire, USB ports, a HDMI port, composite S-video, and finally VGA output!

 The hood is held together by a large , easily handled sliding lock mechanism. Audio ports and a memory card slot accepting SD/MMC/MS are also located just below the laptop latch.

 Over on the other side of the laptop, we have the Gigabit lan port, modem port, additional USB ports, and an optical drive supporting HD-DVD playback capability! Excellent for movie buffs ! No more fuss about needing to get an external HD-DVD player!


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