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Find a GTA V midnight launch event near you with Rockstar’s new utility

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The gaming world has been waiting for Rockstar’s latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series for quite some time, and their long wait will be over on Tuesday when GTA V hits store shelves.

As with most anticipated triple-AAA releases, select retailers will be holding midnight launch events for Grand Theft Auto V.

Launch parties are a great way to meet new gamers as well as celebrate the release of a prestigious title, and Rockstar will be hosting an official launch party at Union Square in New York where the Bravado Banshee will be on display. Rockstar will also host smaller parties across major cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Boston.


To help gamers in North America and the UK get their hands on a midnight release, the studio has launched a helpful utility called the Midnight Launch Locator that searches for the closest launch party in your local area.

Retailers will also be offering limited GTA V goodies at their events: Best Buy will hand out character-themed posters whereas 24-hour Wal Marts are giving away logo keychains. This is a nice offer especially added to the retailer-specific pre-order incentives.

The goodies are limited so if you want one be sure to get there early. Also expect a ton of people, as millions of gamers across the world all want to jump into Los Santos as soon as possible.

Be sure to head on over to Rockstar’s official site to finalize your plans and secure your midnight launch copy.

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