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FCC filing for Motorola XT1058 found, could this be the X Phone?

An FCC filing as appeared for a Motorola device with model number XT1058. It looks similar to the early leaks of the X Phone, could this be it? Who knows.


If there is one series of rumors that won’t seem to go away no matter how much time passes it’s those regarding any upcoming smartphone from Motorola. Most notably the X Phone (also known as the XFON). Well here is another to add to the top of the pile. An FCC filing has been discovered for a device going by the ‘Motorola XT1058’.

The filing points to quite a change for Motorola as it shows that it will support AT&T’s LTE network, which means that Motorola is finally freeing themselves from their Verizon shackles. As well, the filing shows that the phone will support NFC. It also rocks a similar model number to leaks in the past, most reminiscent of a benchmark that appeared that was done by a phone with model number ‘XT1055’. There was also the ‘XT912’ which was rumored to be a leaked prototype of the X Phone. That one can be seen in the image below.
The question still remains, is this X Phone or is it one of Motorola’s other upcoming phones, codenamed Ghost, Sasquatch, and Yetti. Unfortunately the answer continues to allude us all.  We’re in luck though, if there was any right time to announce your future Android phone, it just might be at, or around Google’s I/O event next week.
We can only hope that all this is settled by then. Not sure we can handle this for any longer.
Source: FCC Via: Engadget

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