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FCC documents reveal a sleeker, more powerful Apple TV

After months of speculation about an update to the Apple TV, the production of a sleeker, more powerful Apple TV is on its way.

New FCC documents have revealed an Apple TV that is a much sleeker than what we’re expecting to see. It will also come with the A5X SoC “quad-core graphics technology” along with the Apple iOS 6.1.

This update from Apple promises faster app performance and more processing power than the current gen Apple TV.  It will also include firmware 5.2, which adds more ability to stream songs from your iTunes in the cloud and support for a TV controller. 

One new and interesting feature for the device is its ability to operate from any standard Bluetooth keyboard connection.  You will also be able to edit or add new songs very simply from a remote app or your Apple remote controller.

It is easily compatible with most popular models of TVs such as JVC, Samsung, Hitachi, and Toshiba.  Just like all previous designs, the new Apple TV is compatible with HDTVs with HDMI and is capable of 1080p output. 

When Apple TV was first introduced it was considered nothing more than a hobby, but recently Apple’s CEO changed his perspective on that.  Nevertheless, there still has not been any major changes to the model other than the software mentioned and a few features added to the device.  Another big absence in the recent FCC filing was details regarding Siri or any type of motion control features.

Apple TV sales have done fairly well, and recent statistics show it gaining popularity and is one of the most popular TV streaming devices on the market. Recent sales reports from Apple reveal that the company sold more than 2 million Apple TV devices in its fiscal first quarter, which was up from 1.4 million during the previous holiday period. In total, Apple has sold more than 10 million Apple TV devices since its inception.

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