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Fastest GeForce GTX 460 – Gainward GeForce GTX 460 “Golden Sample-Goes Like Hell”

The Miura bull has been released, and it goes like hell. Any one dare to take on a charging bull, result can’t be more obvious!

More of the Press Release, and Specifications, inside.

Gainward GeForce GTX 460 “Golden Sample-Goes Like Hell” 
July 12th, 2010 – The Miura bull has been released, and it goes like hell. Any one dare to take on a charging bull, result can’t be more obvious! It’s been quite some time since Gainward awarded any  models  the  supremacy  of  “Golden  Sample-Goes Like Hell” (GS-GLH) after GeForce GTX 260. Like its predecessor to challenge one scale up to its big brother – GTX 275 and defeated other followers, new-born GeForce GTX 460 inherits mighty DNA in revolutionary GF104 architecture, is ready for repeating the history and up one scale to challenge its brothers and beat its rival HD 5850 in every ways, regardless of DirectX11 or DirectX10 performance under more affordable pricing.

No any ordinary GPUs are entitled for such an ultimate glory. The golden child is written and destined to be the chosen one the day it was born, while it has to be carefully selected and gone through a series of the harshest trials. Otherwise, it may look and perform like anyone else. Every Gainward GeForce GTX 460 GS-GLH has to survive from the most critical burn-in tests, operating in the most extreme  clock rate  in extreme 
temperature. Gainward engineers showed no mercy and pushed GTX 460 performance to the edge. The result is rather amazing, Gainward factory pre-overclocked near 20% from 675MHz to 800MHz for all 336 CUDA Cores and from 1,800MHz to whopping  2,000MHz for 1 GB GDDR5 256 bit memory bank, equivalent bandwidth is up to 128 GB/sec, which is more than 29% boost from standard 192 bit GTX 460. It is absolutely rare! The chance you get to own this untamed bull can be as low as struck-by-lightning! You’d better start running now to the store nearest you. 


Don’t worry if you couldn’t get your hands on the supreme Gainward GeForce GTX 460 GS-GLH. The hellbull Miura is leading a gang of the wildest beasts. The first runner-up is a synonym of high performance – Golden Sample! Gainward GeForce GTX 460 1GB GS is expected to the most popular one of its kind, for its excellent quality with modest pre-overclocked at 700MHz in Cores, 1,800MHz for 256 bit 1GB GDDR5 frame buffer. The same critical burn-in tests have been  applied to every single piece of Golden Samples to ensure best stability under aggressive overclocking. It’s without a doubt your best bet for a good balance in performance, quietness, sustainability and most importantly depth of your pocket. 

Moreover both GS-GLH & GS GPU  are  cooled by Gainward Grand Prix (GP) Heatpipes Cooler, forced ventilated by GR8 fan (Great 8 cm double-ball-bearings fan), which leaves lots of head room for exercising overclocking maneuver by Gainward awarding winning Expertool utility. Feel free to test-drive its limit, you’ll be surprised by its superb overclockability. To get the same adrenaline pumping effect with cheaper price tag, 

can be more rewarding. Tempted? It’s calling you to push it hard and discover more potential out of its reckless spirit. The gladiator won’t be happy settled just in standard form. Train it, tweak it and join the combat!

Last but not least, the youngest brother in the family can be the wildest! Gainward GeForce GTX 460 768MB, it can’t wait to prove its capability in magic number of memory suitable for most applications under 1680×1050 resolution (Max. resolution for most 20 ~ 22” monitors). It has been awarded the MVP. With MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) positioned below $200 mark, its C/P (Capability over Price) is the highest against its brothers and competitors in red camp  –  HD 5830 even threatens to HD 5850! DirectX11 performance defeats both easily thanks to future-proof GF104 architecture, which fully adopts all DirectX11 state-of-the-art technologies. While its DirectX10 performance is almost the same as HD 5830, and you get to enjoy extra NVIDIA exciting features – PhysX, CUDA & 3D Vision or more immersive 3D Vision Surround in SLI configuration. The lively stereoscopic 3D across 3 monitors out-of-screen experiences are beyond your senses.

Regardless of its cheaper price tag, Gainward generously equips QuattroPorts (HDMI, Dual Dual-Link DVI & legacy VGA ports) on the entire GeForce GTX 460 lineup from top to bottom. Capped with GR8 Fan and rugged Japan-made solid-state capacitors, Gainward GeForce GTX 460 768MB retains excellent thermal performance and great stability under aggressive over-clocking. The over-clocking behavior is rather linear and predictable. Aided by Fail-Safe Gainward “Expertool” over-clocking utility, even a computer newbie can easily earn more performance from their fingertips with peace of mind. 

Have you even been in San-Fermin bull-run? This is exactly the same excitement, what Gainward GeForce GTX 460 series of  three delivers to you. Gainward collaborated with NVIDIA have bred the widest beasts ever! Imaging the King of hellbulls “Goes Like Hell” (GS-GLH) leads GS & 768 all Miura variants, charging to you fiercely. You’d better run; you’d better take cover! Who is waving the red flag then?         

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